Project Mobilus


A yearlong interdisciplinary team project focusing on improving the daily lives of patients with hemiparesis.



The project is lead by Dr. Kevin Meade, professor of Mechanical Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. The device are planned to address hemorrhagic stroke patient with hemiparesis in order to improve and enhance certain weak muscles or aid them with their daily tasks.

"Hemiparesis is weakness on one side of the body. You can still move the affected side of your body, but with reduced muscular strength."
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I have joined the Mobilus team in Fall 2016, and started working on The Supinator, the arm orthosis device project under the Project Mobilus family. The Supinator is designed to enhance both the supination and the pronation motions of a weak hand while keeping the solution cost efficient and practical. The team's solution, The Supinator, is a mobile, user-powered hand supination/pronation device which is powered by the strong hand to enhance the weak one. 

In Spring 2017, from doing mechanical design and design research for one team, I got promoted to one of the lead positions of the Project Mobilus with a title of Director of Research (IPRO). Together with Tyler Grudowski and Jacob Duncan, we led the Project Mobilus to success.