I am a human-centered researcher and strategist with an interdisciplinary background in both engineering and design. As I work on product, service and interaction projects, I strive to understand the user, gather insights on the "job" hired and identify the opportunity spaces to strategically design, improve and innovate.





My name is Mert and I am a design researcher and strategist!

I am a graduate student pursuing a masters degree in Engineering Design & Innovation at Northwestern University to better understand users and better address their needs. I am also currently interning as a design researcher at Beyond Design, Inc. to practice and polish both qualitative and quantitative design research methodologies while working on projects from various industries.

When I was an undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology, I learned how to build things, and how to built them well, but never was taught whom I was doing it for. When I got exposed to the user needs at my previous work experience, I knew I wanted to learn more. Currently, I am studying the depth of the human-centered design discipline while passionately working on various projects from consumer goods to medical innovations, both at my summer internship and my graduate studies, in order to improve daily lives of users.